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Get started with your sustainability work

With the service, you get all the help and support you need to start the sustainability work, develop the business and create sustainability reports, including a clear and distinct definition of sustainability based on quality, environment, and social responsibility.

You answer questions and mark where your company is on a predefined scale.

The service is delivered in the cloud. It has an easy-to-use user interface, and the goal that all companies should easily be able to work with sustainability.

License costs for using the service for one year starting at SEK 3,000 net for a company with 1-9 employees. The license includes all the functions of the service. No additional costs will be added.

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This is how it works!

The core service consists of 153 questions developed by a team of ISO experts, accountants, and procurement lawyers. The questions are based on ISO 9001, 14001, and 26000 and the UN’s Global Goals for Sustainable Development.

The questions concern seven core areas; Leadership, Business, Employees, Internal environment, External environment, Working climate, and Social responsibility.

You answer the questions by self-estimating on a scale with pre-given answer options.

You’ll get bars and charts that show how you’re on each query and within each area.

Mark the questions that you prioritize and want to work on. Follow your success at your own pace. The reports are updated automatically.



Once you have answered all the questions, the tool creates your sustainability report, which you can use to confirm your sustainability work for your various stakeholders or as a basis for your internal sustainability work and business development.

Depending on your industry and company size you will answer between 87 and 153 questions. As you progress with your internal sustainability work, you can easily adjust your questions and regenerate your reports.

What do the reports look like?

With the service, you can create six different reports; Sustainability Report, Quality Report, Environmental Report, Social Responsibility Report, Sustainability Development Report, and Global Goals Report.


Help to get started

You can get help to get started with sustainability work. We offer different company-adapted alternatives depending on your needs and wishes.

Get started packages

The get started package includes a start-up meeting with us, a project plan where you get concrete steps to take, tips, an action plan, and access to our response service for three months.

Project management

We offer project management for the introduction of sustainability work with the help of the service

Follow-up meeting

Together we work with different sustainability aspects such as:

• Travel
• Real Estate
• Value Chain
• Business Model
• Emissons
• Health and Saftey

Each meeting is between two and four hours long, we structure and lead the work together with you. Some aspects may require several occasions.

Responsible Company®

In the service, you can choose to have a hidden or public profile. If you select a public profile, you have a page where your stakeholders get an overview of your sustainability work.

If you choose a public profile, you can use the Responsible Company Seal®.

You can then use the seal in your marketing, on your website, your office, and your vehicles, and so forth.

Responsible Company® is a brand owned by 3HF Response AB.

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