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Sustainable supply chain

The service (in partnership with 3HF Response) delivers a supplier portal that gets you all the help and support you need to get started with a sustainable company and a sustainable supply chain.

Creating a sustainable business is actually a strategic approach where you work to balance the economy, environment, and social aspects.

With a sustainable supply chain, you also include stakeholders such as your suppliers and or subsidiaries in your sustainability work.

The requirements are the same. You get access to statistics that show how your stakeholders live up to your set sustainability goals and a good overview of their sustainability work.

Here’s how it works!

Your suppliers register in the portal and answer questions based on ISO standards on quality, environment, and social responsibility. The questions also cover the UN’s Global Goals for Sustainable Development.

You get access to their sustainability reports and statistics that provide an overview of how each supplier performs in relation to your other suppliers and with regard to your requirements and expectations.

With the help of functions in the portal, you can select areas you want to prioritize and see how the stakeholders are performing. It is easy to see deviations and in what areas you can make higher demands to ensure sustainable work at all levels.

supplier portal reports

Advantages of the supplier portal

  • It gives both you and your suppliers a clear definition of what sustainability is.
  • It gives you an easy way to measure in several stages.
  • It gives you a clear overview of your suppliers and how they relate to each other, and the goals and expectations you have.
  • Provides all parties with a tool for working in a structured way with sustainability issues.
  • Nothing to install! You can get started right away, and the portal works on any mobile, tablet, or computer – anywhere.


  • The annual cost for a portal license is SEK 19,900, excluding VAT.
  • The cost for a supplier, a company license, is from SEK 3,000 excluding VAT per year (based on number of employees).

Responsible Company®

You can choose to have a hidden or public profile. If you select a public profile, you have a page where your stakeholders get an overview of your sustainability work.

If you choose a public profile, you can use the Responsible Company Seal®.

The seal can be used in your marketing, on your website, your office, and your vehicles, and so forth.

Responsible Company® is a brand owned by 3HF Response AB.

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