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About us

PlanetPeople, (the company behind HÅLLBART.EU) was formed in 2008 with a vision to help companies become socially sustainable, focusing on the internal health and safety aspects of the work environment.

Gradually, the business developed to include the external aspects of companies sustainability work.


We are delighted and proud of our partnership with 3HF Response AB, the company behind, our sustainability reporting, sustainable purchasing, and sustainable tenders services.

Are you interested in a collaboration? Please contact us! 

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Why should we work sustainably?

The demand for sustainable business models that simultaneously build economic and social value is continuously growing. The need to find solutions to our time’s tremendous environmental and societal challenges creates new and significant business opportunities.

More and more customers are placing ever higher demands on sustainability. The Swedish state attaches particular importance to the environment and social sustainability in procurement. Sustainability has become a prerequisite for competing for and retaining customers, both public and private.

Creating a sustainable business is actually a strategic approach where you work to balance the economy, environment, and social aspects.

You make money, take the environment into account, and take social responsibility for the workplace and the world around you.

Other Services

At PlanetPeople, we work to help companies create sustainability in their operations. Fundamental to our philosophy is that without sustainable people, there are poor conditions for a sustainable business.

We offer work environment-related services in health, safety, compliance with regulatory requirements, documentation, and management systems.

Also, we help companies with sustainability issues based on the UN’s Global Goals for Economically, Socially, and Environmentally Sustainable Development, Agenda 2030, and ISO 26000.